Erotika may be “the beginning” today, but it will not be the last. The producer of this series believes that too many characters die after each story that we encounter today, and is not referring to the way the story ends, but to the fact that there are not enough stories today with sequels. Those characters are therefore often as good as dead to the world as they will never be seen again.

With so many different stories coming out every day, we are constantly being introduced to new characters. Have you ever wondered why you find yourself, at times, looking at a selection of movies, for example, and cannot remember if you have seen some of those titles before? What about starting a movie and finding that you have seen this movie before, and you are so puzzled because you did not recognize it before you made the selection? In general, that happens not because the movie was bad, but because the characters were made for that movie and that movie only, so you never got a chance to truly connect with them. In a way, your brain does not have the need to remember it either, so those titles become disposable if that makes sense.

There are many exceptions, of course, but when it comes to superheroes, it is traditional to create a story and the main character and to keep adding and building on that for as long as people still find it entertaining and interesting. Funny enough, many superheroes have lived way past their prime and are still just as popular today as they were decades ago.

So, by sticking to tradition, the producer of Erotika wants you to feel that you can bond and connect with these characters, as this will be amongst the few erotica stories that will be striving on for many years, and we will be honored to be able to serve erotica in general with our Erotika. Our own superhero story and brand, which mainstream superheroes should beware of.

So just because this is erotica, why should it be confined to staying between the covers? Okay, granted the obvious considerations when it comes to merchandise, but a little creativity and less imagery can certainly offer the fans merchandise as well. We want our fans to feel proud and comfortable about enjoying erotic content.

This is our mission, our passion, our Sperheros, and our series.

This is Erotika! Erotika – The Beginning