Over 1000 3D renders were created with the latest and best 3D software available.

The artist and author, Colin Fleming is a Graphic Designer with 30 years of experience in the industry. After doing the same thing for so long, he ventured out into 3D Graphics and learned to use Blender in just under a year by watching tutorials and practicing for up to 6 hours a day.

Unable to find suitable full-time work in the 3D Graphics Industry, he continued to learn and worked around many other Programs and Apps as well, that are used today to create professional 3D graphics, art, animation, special effects, video, and movies.

4 years later, after first downloading Blender, he has applied his skills in 3D Graphics, Graphic design, Printing, Life skills, human behavior courses, and Life Coaching into this unique, hilarious, and unforgettable Graphic Novel.

This will be his first Graphic Novel, and certainly not his last! He has already used his many other skills such as being a semi-professional musician to create 2 guitar instrumental albums, and he is a featured artist on Saatchi Art with almost 200 pieces of original Digital Geometric Abstraction Wall Artworks which are on display and for sale.

This Graphic Novel took over 1000 hours and 6 months to create every image in its unique scene, lighting, character poses, props, clothing (or lack of in this case), hair, makeup, accessories, textures and colors, camera setup, etc, and this was before a single word was spoken by the beautiful and memorable characters or page layout had started.

So join Erika behind the scenes, as she takes you around the studio to show how it was made;