Erotika is an epic super sleazy superhero story full of situational farce and satire, based on ancient Egyptian mythology but set in modern times. The main character’s name is Erotika, and the title was not conceived due to a lack of imagination. I’m certain that after reading this book, you’ll accept that no other title would have been as fitting or applicable.

This superhero novel is structured and written traditionally in line with mainstream superhero comics, but it is also distinctive as you get to see your favorite sexy heroine and her associates and villains wearing only their natural skin for a large portion of the novel, which is somewhat uncommon. This is because Erotika’s superpowers and life depend on her relishing in frequent sexual activity in just about any way she could, which were originally unexpectedly triggered while this young lady chose to physically amuse herself in the wrong (or right) pyramid’s tomb while vacationing in Egypt.

All of this is mainly consistent with Egyptian mythology, mixed with the authors’ creative made-up variations of those stories, especially regarding their beliefs about eroticism and those awkward intimate impulses to engage in natural self-serving pleasurable opportunities, which one can either embrace or struggle to deny.

While attempting to keep this book as gender diverse as possible, this book settles best in a lesbian bi-curious and bi-sexual environment, ranging from being solo to being in open groups. This includes one famous Egyptian god whose gender was changed to now be intersex if that counts.

The images were rendered in 3D CGI technology, which could raise a few eyebrows amongst die-hard comic book fans and enthusiasts, but when it relates to erotica and exhibitionism, there is literally no other acceptable technique of paying close attention to certain bits and pieces while also being anatomically correct. This 140-page graphic novel and its characters are destined to make an impression on you, and you’ll cherish and enjoy them long after the final installment of the series is completed, and this is just “the beginning” of the saga.

So to clarify, and to remove any possible lingering doubt, this graphic novel features lifelike 3D-generated images of humans, nudity, masturbation, and sex. This is not the book for you if you consider this type of explicit erotica offensive and certainly not suitable for underage people.

If this is for you, you are in for a treat,